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Dick Dettrey's life was ruined because Lyndon Johnson sent him to Vietnam

To the editor:

          LBJ, one of the 4 worst presidents of last century, said this in reference to the Vietnam War to the Joint Chief of Staff at a Christmas Party in 1963! and I quote: “Just get me elected, and then you can have your war.” JFK stated, before he was assassinated and I, firmly, believe JFK’s assassination was masterminded by LBJ, this phrase: “[When we pull out] of Vietnam in 1965:  I’ll be damned everywhere as a communist appeaser. But, I don’t care. If I tried to pull out completely now from Vietnam, we would have a Joe McCarthy red scare on our hands, but I can do it after I’m reelected. So we had better make damned sure that I’m reelected.” The source used for these tidbits of info comes from the very best book that I have ever read about JFK’s assassination, “LBJ, the Mastermind of the JFK assassination.”

          I was troop shipped on a 23-day voyage in the spring of 1965, and LBJ was the culprit—our commander-in-chief, no less! I, even to this day, remember my time wasted there. Had only JFK lived, this story would never have seen the light of day. However, LBJ ascended to the presidency and I dutifully went. LBJ had his war, and me and over 2 million other young men, who were just mostly poorly paid just like me, am still there, mentally, not physically. In fact, Vietnam and the 23-day “cruise” that I took me there, are still with me! Proud to serve which was a phrase that I used to maintain my sanity. Too bad it didn’t work!


                                                Dick Dettrey

                                                701 Market St., #231

                                                Oxford, MI 48371


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Sunshine Williams, now a real estate agent in Austin, recalls the time Lyndon Johnson tried to pick her up on Election Day 1964


I am included on page 27 of Roger Stone's new book, "The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ."  I was at Houston Hobby Airport as the News Director of KMSC-FM, across the street from NASA in Clear Lake City.  I was standing back about 30 feet , away from where LBJ was shaking hands along a fence line.  Suddenly, he took a sharp 90-degree left turn and walked up to me, followed by a bevy of Secret Service agents and Houston police, checking me out from head to toe. 

He asked my name, then asked who I was with.  I told him KMSC-FM.  He said, "No, no.  I meant who are you here with?"  I replied that I was by myself.  In the photo he was handing  me some little LBJ donkey pins, which I still have, and asked me to come with him to the LBJ ranch for a BBQ that evening.  He said the plane was full, including Lady Bird, but he would bump someone to the press plane so I could get aboard Air Force One.  I politely declined, telling him that I had three young children at home with the nanny and that I had to be there. 

He smelled strongly of whiskey and was very persistent, but I wouldn't even have considered it.  I had never been a fan of LBJ, since I knew of his stealing elections and had had a premonition on the night of Nov. 21, 1963, that JFK was going to be killed.  More on that later.  I had been a supporter of JFK since the campaign of 1960 in Amarillo as a young rancher's wife.  I met JFK at the Amarillo Air Force Base the only time he and LBJ campaigned together.

Kennedy came down the stairs of the plane and took my hand and we just stared into one another's eyes, telecommunicating for about a minute, it seemed, and never said a word.  A photo of that occasion appeared in either Time or Newsweek, and my hand with my Zuni turquoise ring is in the photo, which I still have.  JFK is touching LBJ on the shoulder, trying to calm him down as he is shaking a finger at something.  That something was  two F-15 jets sitting close by with their jet engines revved up to 10!  General Lee, the head of Amarillo Air Force Base, was a hard-core John Bircher and he had placed those jets there to interfere with the campaign stop on purpose, so no one could hear a thing.  It was ear-piercing!

After I divorced and moved to Houston, I worked in the law offices of Phelps & Kilgarlin, the latter of whom was the Harris County Democratic Chairman and later on the Texas Supreme Court.  I joined the Young Democrats and was very active in politics, along with Dave and Ann Richards and many other prominent local and state leaders. 

I had been at the Rice Hotel the evening Jackie and JFK attended the LULAC reception and she spoke to them in Spanish.  As they left the room, I was about 3 feet away from them.  Later, a group of Young Democrats were meeting in my living room, trying to decide if we were going to the dinner the next evening at the Municipl Auditorium in Austin.  The reason we were undecided is because the "Kennedy Democrats" had been completely shut out of the arrangements for Kennedy's visit to Houston, including Kilgarlin, the official Democratic representative of Harris County.  The "Johnson and Connally Democrats" were totally in charge, representing the other side of the Democratic split in Texas.

I had a strong premonition of danger to JFK, and said to those present that he was going to be assassinated.  The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife!  I could hardly sleep that night and was so distraught I didn't go to work the next day.  I called my friend, the District Clerk of Galveston County, V. J. Beninati, to come up to Houston so we could decide if we were going to Austin.  He arrived just after lunch and when I turned on the radio at 1:00, we heard about the assassination in Dallas.  I was stunned and totally devastated, unbelieving but still believing.  My prediction had come to pass. 

I still have my invitation to the dinner in Austin, as well as copies of the speeches Kennedy didn't make in Dallas and Austin.  I also have a Memorial Album of his most famous speeches and comments by Barry Goldwater, Adlai Stevenson, V. P. Johnson, Sir Alec Home and Pope John XXIII.

Sunshine Williams

Austin, TX 78704








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CIA director William Casey had Fletcher Prouty's classic "The Secret Team" on his bookshelf at his Palm Beach, FL mansion

The library of William Casey at his Palm Beach, FL mansion:

By Augustus Mayhew
In 1979 the Shah of Iran’s overthrow sparked a mini-boom for the Beverly Hills real estate market, and thirty years later, Pari-Sima Pahlavi, fka Mrs. Doreez (Peri) Dolats, nee Pari Sima Zand, is doing what she can to keep the Palm Beach market afloat, shelling out $2.5 million for her latest apartment at the Palm Beach Biltmore, according to court papers filed December 31st. Pahlavi bought a 7th-floor, 1,800-square-foot, 3-and-3 from Deena Freeman, aka Deena Morgan, who had paid $1.45 million for the unit in 2003. While some Pahlavi royals have their Vuitton Pegase packed and ready-to-roll back to the family’s imperial marble palace in Tehran, Mrs. Pahlavi previously deeded her 3,000-square-foot Biltmore penthouse into a trust for heirs, HIHs Kamyar and Sarvenaz Pahlavi, children from her marriage to the late HIH Prince Abdul Reza Pahlavi.

The island of Palm Beach has always been a sanctuary for ex-intelligence officers, their OSS Society’s member directory sometimes placed on a coffee table or nightstand stacked atop the Social Register, and none more powerful than the late controversial CIA director, William Joseph Casey, who was among “Wild Bill” Donovan’s most devoted loyalists.

Step inside the Casey’s beach house at 1240 North Ocean Boulevard and in a flash you sense an aura that the owners might be napping in the next room, even though Mr. Casey, a one-time SEC chairman and Reagan campaign manager, died more than twenty years ago, and his wife, Sophia, passed away in 2000. And after more than a year on the market, Corcoran associatesElizabeth Cleckner and John Pangborn have yet to find a buyer, did they call Jack Bauer, willing to write the $9.8 million check for the 10,000-square-foot stucco-and-barrel tile Mediterranean montage sunk into potentially two lots plus a beach cabana on a smaller oceanfront lot across the street.

What Camp Casey lacks in glamorous interiors and architectural grandeur, it more than makes up for with a private beach, picturesque views and an if-these-walls-could-talk allure, much like the fascination with the old Joe Kennedy house several blocks to the south. While Corcoran’s web site offers a proficient Realtor’s tour, more adventuresome readers are invited to what might be a last look before the Cushing Demolition truck arrives, a more unconventional browse by a writer still struggling with a correspondence course from the prestigious Edith Wharton School of Business.

In 1977 the Caseys purchased 1240 North Ocean Blvd. from Granville Morse, shuttling between Mayknoll, their Long Island compound, and Palm Beach.

Days before William Casey was scheduled to testify at televised hearings about his role in the Iran-Contra affair, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor; shortly thereafter, he died, leaving history to Lt. Col. Oliver North and Bob Woodward.

And while, the timing of Casey’s demise is often the subject of speculation, it has never reached the air-thin level of the Kennedy assassinations.

The Casey library is a paneled inner sanctum lined with book shelves in a detached building behind the garage that overlooks the north lawn and features a kitchenette and 15 chairs, an at-ease setting where generals and colonels could as easily plan disinformation campaigns and map their next coup as well as enjoy card games and watch tapes of Ronald Reagan’s old movies. Bob Woodward’s bestsellers are on almost everyone’s must-read list, except the Casey family's, where you will not find Woodward’s tome, Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987. The Caseys, God bless them,declared that Woodward’s 4-minute deathbed Iran-Contra confession with Mr. Casey was pulp fiction. The Caseys may want to discuss counterintelligence with Judy Belushi.

Ever wonder who reads books with titles like World Coal, The Weapons of WW III, and The Citizen Army, and who still finds time for The Age of Elegance? Think no more, as the Casey library shelves are filled with books that might have been written by former OSS information specialists who kept fighting WW II for fifty years after it ended.

The author of Die Rich and Tax Free!, financial shaman, Barry Kaye, may have decided being alive and rich is better, as he and his wife, Carole, have placed their 5th-floor Watermark condo on the market with Sotheby’s at $6.7 million, having acquired it for $3.85 million in August 2006.

Watermark condominium is located on West Palm’s Flagler Drive, its 48 units on 15 floors as seen from across the Intracoastal Waterway along Palm Beach’s North Lake Trail.
Did they have time to move in? If the Kayes make off with the $2.85 million, presumably while still alive, they will leave behind an illustrious group of Watermarkites, Sheila Johnson, the General Alexander Haigs, Jean Tailer, and Veronica Atkins, among them.

The Tollmans may have reached the final gavel of United States vs. Stanley S. Tollman, Criminal Docket No. S7 02-441.

Travel magnate Stanley Tollman’seight-page plea deal/Christmas present from the US Attorney was accepted by a federal judge during the holidays, with the US Attorney dropping all charges against his wife, Beatrice Nina Tollman, Stan Tollman pleading guilty to one count of bank fraud and only having to cough up $105 million in restitution to the IRS, $60 million payable within thirty days and the remainder over five years, secured by mortgages on Southwood, the Palm Beach house ($25 million), the New Preston, Conn., farm ($20 million) and the 485 Park Avenue apartment ($10 million).

NYSD readers may want to jot down the name Colin Passmore at Simmons and Simmons, Mrs. Tollman’s London attorney who successfully fought her extradition for six years. 

Upon completion, the locally-designated historic house at 710 South Ocean will feature a new two-story addition along the east elevation, a loggia to the north with a second-story addition above the loggia, a terrace along the ocean side of the house, a two-story pool pavilion, another terrace on the afternoon side of the house, a three-car garage, a set of monumental stairs, new pool and spa and additional chimneys on the East and North elevations.

The new owner is also rebuilding a previously demolished music room. Wachovia Bank has an outstanding loan on the property for $16.8 million, according to court documents.

Veteran island builder-developer Michael Burrows, Harvard Business School’52, is usually receptive to sharing his expertise. I called him because I knew Ruth and Bernie Madoff bought one of his design-build houses on North Lake Way, and I thought, since he might be one of the only people who ever made money from Bernie Madoff, legally, he might fill me in on dealing with the Madoffs. “I can’t talk,” he said, “My son, Peter Burrows, is an editor at BusinessWeek and he’s in town working on a Madoff story.

And, here I thought my legacy would be that Rush Limbaugh bought one of my houses,” he added. I assured Mike that reporters from Maui to Mumbai were already doing Madoff-PB stories, but alas, all he told me was a writer’s ultimate dead end, “Larry Moens represented me.” Mr. Moens, Palm Beach’s most prodigious broker, has he ever talked about any of his clients?

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FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover told Richard Nixon that Lyndon Johnson had ordered Nixon's campaign plane bugged in the last 2 weeks of the 1968 election

FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover told Richard Nixon that Lyndon Johnson had ordered that Nixon’s campaign plane be bugged in the final two weeks of the 1968 election.

            “For example, Nixon believed he had been bugged in each of his three previous campaigns. As the Watergate scandal grew in intensity, the Republican National Committee released sworn affidavits showing that the hotel suite in which Nixon prepared for the opening debate with John Kennedy in 1960 had been bugged. His opponent’s ability to anticipate every point he made in their first encounter, Nixon believed, had cost him the debate, and losing that first debate had cost him the presidency.

            Nixon’s grand jury testimony from July 1975 which was released in 2010, revealed the barely controlled anger at having been bugged again in 1962 during his California gubernatorial campaign against Edmund G. “Pat” Brown. No one in authority had cared or done anything about it. He also pointed out, with equal bitterness, that his tax returns had somehow been leaked from the IRS in that same race.

            Finally J. Edgar Hoover himself told Nixon that he had been ordered by President Johnson to bug Nixon’s  plane during the final two weeks of the 1968 campaign, to monitor Nixon’s possible response to Johnson’s announced bombing halt, and telephone numbers dialed during the campaign by Nixon’s running mate, Spiro Agnew, were reconstructed. Scholars disagree about the nature of the surveillance that was actually carried out, but Nixon was nevertheless personally assured by the head of the FBI that President Johnson had ordered such bugging. Nor was the harassment of Nixon by his enemies limited to spying. The IRS had audited his income tax returns every year of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

[Geoff Shepard, The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot That Brought Down Nixon, p. xx-xxi]

Question for author Evan Thomas: how the hell do you know Lyndon Johnson/Hoover did not bug Nixon’s campaign plane? FBI chief Hoover told Nixon that he did and it was completely in LBJ’s character to do this. Deke DeLoach, as you admit, was an LBJ hack.

FBI Hoover’s meeting with Nixon was on November 12, 1968 at the Nixon transition HQ at the Pierre Hotel in NYC.

[Evan Thomas, Being Nixon: A Man Divided, pp. 189-190]:


          Hoover “quickly got down to business,” Haldeman wrote. He told Nixon that, on Johnson’s orders, the FBI had bugged Nixon’s plane. The request had been based on “national security.” “This angered Nixon, but he remained still as Hoover poured out  more information,” wrote Haldeman, who quoted the FBI director as warning Nixon: “’When you get into the White House, don’t make calls through the switchboard. Johnson has it rigged, and little men you don’t know will be listening.’” In fact, said Hoover, LBJ had the whole White House bugged.

          Hoover was exaggerating, though not carelessly. LBJ had wired the White House. But it was not true that the FBI had bugged Nixon’s plane. Johnson had not made the request, and even if he had, the FBI never would have gotten past the Secret Service, according to Cartha “Deke” DeLoach, Hoover’s number three and his official “bagman” to LBJ.

          Hoover was playing his great game of bureaucratic blackmail. He was making Nixon think that the all-powerful FBI knew his darkest secrets. Nixon would always believe that LBJ had bugged his plane, even after his own aides informed him to the contrary.”


[Evan Thomas, Being Nixon: A Man Divided, pp. 189-190]

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Kennedy edict: Under no circumstances is the critical CIA Daily Briefing to be given to Lyndon Johnson

I was at the LBJ Library and saw CIA director John Brennan say this. Bromley Smith, the deputy under NSC advisor McGeorge Bundy, told Richard Lehman, the man in charge creating the President's daily CIA intelligence briefing, that under no circumstances was Lyndon Johnson to get this briefing.  - Robert Morrow

CIA director John Brennan, in a speech at the LBJ Library on September 16, 2015 said that the Kennedy Administration had issued an edict telling the CIA that “under no circumstances should the PICL [presidential daily briefing, then called the President’s Intelligence Checklist and nicknamed  the “pickle”] be given to [Lyndon] Johnson.”
CIA director John Brennan also said:
"The PDB is among the most sensitive and classified documents in all of our government,” Brennan said. “The release of these documents affirms that the world’s greatest democracy doesn’t keep secrets merely for secrecy’s sake.”

Read more:
Here are the heavily redacted President’s Daily Briefs from the JFK and LBJ administrations:
Bromley Smith, the deputy under McGeorge Bundy, JFK's NSC advisor, told this to Richard Lehman who recounted the story in an interview with Richard Kovar. Richard Lehman was the man who developed President’s Intelligence Checklist in 1961:
Johnson really was not that much of a reader; the thing didn’t appeal to him the way it did to Kennedy. We finally settled by broadening dissemination so that we sent it to Rusk and McNamara and, after Johnson had a Vice President, we gave it to the Vice President. Incidentally, when Kennedy asked us to include Rusk and McNamara in the dissemination after it had been in business for a couple of months, I had innocently asked the question, “What about the Vice President?” and Bromley said,“Under no circumstances!”

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NYT’s Max Frankel on how only the newspapers of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth accepted the fantasies of the Warren Report

NYT’s Max Frankel on how only the newspapers of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth accepted the fantasies of the Warren Report

          “We all understood how Oswald needed love or fame and found neither at home or far away. We knew he needed no conspiracy to write away for that gun, delivered by the U.S. mail; anyone in America could write for a gun. And we had faith in the judgment of Earl Warren, the humane chief justice, and his fellow commissioners, among them the straightest shooters in Congress - Richard Russell and John Sherman Cooper, Hale Boggs and Gerald Ford. Those of us who digested and dissected the Warren Report for our readers knew in great detail that none of the counterclaims and conspiracies hatched by shamelesss profiteers fit all the indisputable facts of the case - or all the loose ends. The assassin flourished in America’s chaos. Those who could not accept that lived in dark and alien lands.

          The pattern of disbelief was both geographic and ethnic. The U.S. Information Agency discovered that only the newspapers of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, optimistic democracies like our own, accepted the Warren findings. Most of the rest of the world did not.”

[Max Frankel, The Times of My Life: and My Life with the Times, pp. 267-268]

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Doris Kearns Goodwin has Fucked the Murderer of John Kennedy: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Doris Kearns Goodwin has Fucked the Murderer of John Kennedy: Lyndon Baines Johnson

From Robert Morrow     512-306-1510

So sick of seeing Doris Kearns Goodwin constantly on Charlie Rose and glorifying Lucifer Before Jesus:  (search for Doris Kearns).

On the last show in July 2015, as he glorified Lyndon Johnson for passing Medicare, Charlie Rose kept asking a grinning, flushed red-faced Doris Kearns Goodwin “What was the nature of your relationship with Lyndon Johnson?” Doris would not say how acquainted she was with “Jumbo,” as she squirmed about in her seat. A few years ago, that is exactly how Doris behaved on Don Imus morning TV show as he quizzed her about what she was doing while floating around in LBJ’s swimming pool.

Doris says that at one romantic picnic she and LBJ had he told her that she reminded him of his mother. That was a pick-up line that both Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton used to use - means they want to have sex with you. Maybe this was the time a geriatric LBJ ask Doris to marry him (as she later told WashPost reporters).

I would be remiss if I did not point out that Lyndon Johnson had sex with his grandmother Ruth Ament Huffman.  Ray Hill of Houston absolutely swears he read that in LBJ’s top secret sexual history at the Kinsey Institute:

So I guess that means Doris Kearns Goodwin and LBJ’s granny are “Eskimo sisters,” if you know what that means. Richard Goodwin, the husband of Doris Kearns, was a proponent of the “LBJ was crazy” theory based on his observations of the man he worked in close contact with in the White House. Goodwin says that he and Bill Moyers separately went to psychiatrists and described LBJ’s unhinged behavior. The back of the envelope diagnoses of Lyndon Johnson was that he was a “paranoid in disintegration.” People who are that nutty think that the mailman is putting arsenic into their cereal in the morning, for example.

Richard Goodwin writes about LBJ’s awful mention condition in his book Remembering America. The Chapter in which he talks about it is titled “Descent,” such as descent into madness.

It was several years after “LBJ has gone crazy” that Doris Kearns was letting Johnson mount her while he was at the very peak of his geriatric lunacy as he was drinking and smoking himself to death in his deeply depressed and bitter final years.

Phil Nelson does a good job of covering the Doris-LBJ love connection in his fabulous book LBJ: From Mastermind to the Colossus in the section “Lyndon Johnson’s Odd Relationship with Doris Kearns:”

Sycophantic LBJ biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin was having an affair with Lyndon Johnson

LBJ pressured Kearns for sex, later asked her to MARRY him!

Was LBJ biographer Doris Kearns having an affair with Lyndon Johnson? Here is the response of a well known JFK assassination researcher when I posed that question to him: “No doubt about that one ….” Sally Quinn had said some rather provocative things about Doris Kearns-Goodwin's relationship with LBJ in those "final years."  Here is a reference to that in a Wash Post article (“A Tale of Hearts and Minds, 8/24/75) alluded to in the LA Times in 2002:

Goodwin's first dip in the waters of infamy came in 1967, when, having received a White House fellowship, she was photographed dancing with Lyndon Johnson at a reception. The story turned on the fact that the president's dance partner, then Doris Kearns, had just co-written a piece for the New Republic under the headline: "How to Remove L.B.J. in 1968."

Later, in the early 1970s, Kearns and Richard Goodwin, lovers but not yet married, set off a literary scandal that attracted national media attention. It involved a "psychobiography"  that Kearns was writing about Johnson, based in part on intimate conversations they'd had on his ranch in Texas, and a decision to bring Goodwin aboard as a co-author.

Their plan was to expand what had begun as a scholarly work--intended to help secure for her a tenured professorship at Harvard University--break with a smaller publishing house and sell the book elsewhere, for about five times the money. As the dispute grew, the story oozed outward to include speculation in print about whether Kearns might have had an affair with Johnson.

Sally Quinn, flying at her highest as a feature writer in the Washington Post's Style section, wrote a lively, at times almost embarrassingly explicit, account of the chaos that had come to Kearn's love and literary life. The piece ran for what seemed like forever, and it included a rather tart summation:

"  Kearns has always gotten what she wanted--and made it look as if she didn't even try. She got elected student-body president at Colby College in Maine, got the best grades, got the best beaux, got into Harvard, got a White House fellowship, got Lyndon Johnson, got her Ph.D, got her professorship at Harvard, got her book, got author Richard Goodwin and got Goodwin to collaborate with her on the book. Those are all things she wanted, or thought she wanted when she got them."

At one point in the story, the then-32-year-old Kearns is quoted as saying: " I really believe that Johnson was picking a person he wanted to write about him. People say he was in love with me and things like that. Partly that's true. But it was much more serious than that."

Here is another excerpt from Sally Quinn’s 1974 article

"Johnson was terribly possessive of her time, more and more as he came closer to death. She was seeing many men at this point in her life but had no real attachments until she met Richard Goodwin six months before Johnson's death."

One time Doris Kearns gave a lecture and said that Lyndon Johnson had compared her to his mother. [LBJ's mother was quite the enabler of him; as was Lady Bird.] When Kearns comments became public and appeared in print, LBJ said:

"So I'll just take the knife out of my heart and close up the wound, and we'll have you back here and we won't look back in pride or shame. We'll just start from here and we'll go on with your book without Parade. We're both still alive and that's what counts.”

Kearns has later admitted that Lyndon Johnson used to crawl into bed with her and just talk, but with nothing else going on....

As for me, I am not buying that nothing else went on. The Doris Kearns case is just another example of Lyndon Johnson's ability to manipulate people and even turn them into sychophants protecting his legacy decades later. Jack Valenti would be another good example.

Doris Kearns Goodwin: "I got to know this crazy character [Lyndon B. Johnson] when I was only 23 years old.... He's still the most formidable, fascinating, frustrating, irritating individual I think I've ever known in my entire life.” [Academy of Achievement June 1996 interview, p.1]

Doris Kearns also told authors Richard Harwood and Haynes Johnson about her relationship with LBJ in an interview that Sally Quinn refers to:

"They both took copious notes. In the interview Kearns told the reporters that her relationship with President Johnson was extraordinarily complicated, that she was still having trouble placing it in perspective, that she was troubled about how to handle her personal relationship with Johnson when she published her own book.

“She told them that the essence of their relationship was that LBJ was in love with her, that he ‘pressed me very hard sexually the first year,’ that he courted her aggressively, that he asked her to marry him, that he was jealous of other men in her life."

[Sally Quinn, Washington Post, 8/24/75 "A Tale of Hearts and Minds"]

My comment: Really, this kind of behavior from Lyndon Johnson was typical. It is how he behaved his whole life, and I don't just mean sexually. I am referring to his narcissism, neediness, ability to manipulate people, ability to turn folks into sycophants and slaves and have them do things they would not normally do.

I guess this just reproves the old saying that women love power; even if power is an old bloated, craggy man and a paranoid, mendacious, delusional nut job.

Here is an email to me from a Harvard alum and a nationally known author:

I was a graduate student at Harvard in the Political Science Department when Kearns was writing her LBJ book — the gossip at Harvard was always that she was LBJ’s lover — Kearns was first and foremost an opportunist — if sleeping with LBJ advanced her career, I doubt she hesitated.


1.      Mark Groubert says:

Mr. Morrow is correct. Doris Kearns Goodwin told a mutual friend of ours that she had sex with Lyndon Baines Johnson. Her husband Richard Goodwin was in the throws of his own self-admitted alcoholism at the time.
Two good books on LBJ’s dysfunction and his alcoholism: Power Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson by D. Jablow Hershman and Lyndon B. Johnson: A Memoir by George Reedy.



Doris Kearns told Legs McNeil that she had sex with Lyndon Johnson

Source a friend of Legs McNeil; email to me 4/25/12