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Lyndon Johnson put the USA into Vietnam, NOT John Kennedy who had plans to get the USA out of Vietnam

LYNDON JOHNSON AND VIETNAM: Web Links and #VietnamWarSummit

Lt. Gen. Charles Cooper details LBJ’s scary mental breakdown over Vietnam w/ JCS #VietnamWarSummit

Only 118 US Vietnam War deaths before LBJ, 58,060 US Vietnam deaths bec/ LBJ #VietnamWarSummit

Here are many valuable web links on LYNDON JOHNSON and his beyond tragic VIETNAM WAR

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JFK was the dove. LBJ who murdered JFK was the war hawk #VietnamWarSummit

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Nation 2013: JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal Plan a FACT by James Galbraith #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ dove the USA into Vietnam, not JFK who wanted out! #VietnamWarSummit

James Galbraith: Exit Strategy: In 1963 JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

Historian Howard Jones: JFK about to kick out Vietnam war hawk Dean Rusk at State and put in McNamara #VietnamWarSummit

Ronnie Duggar used to refer to Lyndon Johnson as Senator (D-Pentagon) #VietnamWarSummit

NSAM #263 dated Oct 11, 1963 was JFK’s Vietnam withdrawal plan LBJ was the War Hawk #VietnamWarSummit

Nov 26, 1963: LBJ signs NSAM 273 reversing JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal plan #VietnamWarSummit

Roger Hilsman on JFK’s Vietnam plans All reversed by War Hawk LBJ #VietnamWarSummit

Operation Northwoods was IN FACT the JFK assassination: kill JFK to be blamed on Castro

Thurston Clarke: JFK was working on d├ętente with USSR - not LBJ!! #Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

CIA Gen. Edward Lansdale, identified at Dealey Plaza was used by LBJ in Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

War Hawk Vietnam ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge likely had foreknowledge of JFK assassination  #VietnamWarSummit

A very clear text of NSAM 263 JFK’s Oct 1963 plan to WITHDRAW from Vietnam LBJ put us in there not JFK. #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ to JCS Dec 63 “Just let me get elected, and then you can have your [Vietnam] war.” Stanley Karnow, Vietnam a History, p. 326 #VietnamWarSummit

Johnson Administration 1967 - “We are winning Vietnam War” #VietnamWarSummit

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LBJ getting the USA into Vietnam 11-26-63 - signs NSAM 273 four days after his murder of JFK #VietnamWarSummit

A clear text of NSAM 273 - LBJ getting the USA into Vietnam on 11-26-63 #VietnamWarSummit

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 New Book proves US murder, rape & torture were the norm in LBJ’s Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

American GIs were raping each other in LBJ’s Vietnam War #VietnamWarSummit

Book: Kill Anything that Moves: Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse #VietnamWarSummit

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JFK in opposition to Sen. Dodd and CIA Allen Dulles on Congo policy

American Rape was Rampant in Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

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Vietnam Gen. Giap in 2011: “JFK was withdrawing from Vietnam in late 1963” #VietnamWarSummit

Eisenhower said 80% of Vietnamese population would have picked Ho Chi Minh over Bao Dai #VietnamWarSummit

1956 USA opposed Unifying Elections of Vietnam because Ho Chi Minh would have won going away #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ used CIA & Air Force Gen. Edward Lansdale for both JFK’s  murder and later in Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ’s man Gen. Edward Lansdale identified by 2 high level US military as present at Dealey Plaza #VietnamWarSummit

R.J. Rummel: 3,800,000 Vietnamese died in LBJ’s Vietnam War. #VietnamWarSummit #LBJOwnsIt

Robert McNamara said JFK WOULD HAVE NOT PUT US IN VIETNAM WAR!! #VietnamWarSummit

Robert Dallek: JFK would NOT have fought Vietnam War . #VietnamWarSummit

McGeorge Bundy told biographer Kai Bird that JFK would have acted differently than LBJ on Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit


JFK in 1963 to Sen. Mike Mansfield - I will get out of Vietnam in 1965 (source Kenny O’Donnell) #VietnamWarSummit

3 days after JFK’s murder, Pentagon already planning for Vietnam War- Mary Cooley Judge #VietnamWarSummit

3 days post JFK murder, John Judge’s Pentagon mother was told get ready for Vietnam War #VietnamWarSummit

Former JFK press secretary Pierre Salinger: JFK was planning to get USA out of Vietnam!  #VietnamWarSummit

Bill Moyers: Johnson’s Escalation of Vietnam - A Timeline #VietnamWarSummit

1961 Eisenhower tells JFK he might have to invade Laos. JFK does not. #VietnamWarSummit

1961 JFK rejects a military solution for Laos #VietnamWarSummit

May 1961 LBJ visits Vietnam and calls dictator Diem “the Winston Churchill of Asia” #VietnamWarSummit

Edward Lansdale wanted dictator Diem to be the GEORGE WASHINGTON of Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

Ed Lansdale’s Black Warfare in 1950’s Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

1962 CIA Gen. Edward Lansdale most likely wrote Operation Northwoods for JCS #VietnamWarSummit

Gen. Edward Lansdale was opposed to overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem #VietnamWarSummit

1965 LBJ puts Gen. Ed Lansdale in charge of Vietnam “pacification” #VietnamWarSummit

Jan 1964 Sen. Mike Mansfield tells LBJ NOT to go into Vietnam (Kai Bird, Color of Truth, p. 272) #VietnamWarSummit

Brutal US War Crimes detailed in “Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam” #VietnamWarSummit

Kennedys did not tell LBJ of Turkish missile deal with Russians to end Cuban Missile Crisis #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ opposed JFK’s Cuban blockcade and wanted to go BOMBS AWAY on Cuba at very beginning   #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ 11-24-63 “I am not going to lose Vietnam. I am not going [see]Southeast Asia go the way China #VietnamWarSummit

James Lindsay: The Vietnam War in 40 Quotes #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ “We are not about to send American boys nine or ten thousand miles away [to Vietnam] 10-21-64 #VietnamWarSummit

Richard Nixon told JFK he had to send in the Navy at the Bay of Pigs Crisis. JFK refused #VietnamWarSummit

Eisenhower 1961 told JFK he should send the US military to intervene in Laos. JFK refused #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ told JFK during Cuban Missile Crisis that he should bomb Cuba. JFK refused. #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ and his lies about the Gulf of Tonkin - for political reasons #VietnamWarSummit

Notable Quotes on the Vietnam War #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ compared Vietnam to the Alamo! #VietnamWarSummit

LBJ - If we quit Vietnam, tomorrow we’ll be fighting in Hawaii, and next week we’ll have to fight in San Francisco #VietnamWarSummit

Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam escalation 64-66 #VietnamWarSummit

Julian Zelizer - How LBJ Wrecked his Presidency on Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit

NYT: The LBJ Legacy crowd and Vietnam #VietnamWarSummit


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In 1998 Charles Putney wrote a letter to Robert Caro informing him of LBJ uber insider Eliot Janeway touring investment houses in summer 1963: calling the Kennedys vermin & saying how wonderful it would be to have Lyndon Johnson in the White House

Economist Eliot Janeway, a very close friend of Lyndon Johnson, spewing hatred of the Kennedys in the summer of 1963 and extolling the idea of LBJ in the White House


JFK researcher Phil Dragoo on his friend Charles M. Putney who was a witness to LBJ insider Eliot Janeway in summer 1963 touring the power investment houses and telling them what vermin the Kennedys were and how great it would be to have LBJ in the White House:


Our friend  [Charles M. Putney] died November 22, 2007, and I have held a copy he gave me of his letter of July 18, 1998 to Mr. Robert A. Caro, 91 Central Park West, New York New York 10023.

It reads in part:

In the summer of 1963 the economist Eliot Janeway kept an appointment he had made with William H. Gassett, vice president and economist of Eaton & Howard, Inc., located at 24 Federal St., Boston. Bill Gassett had previously telephoned me, two floors above him, and asked me to attend the meeting. I was a portfolio manager, not an economist, and when I entered Gassett’s office I expected to see some other people from Eaton & Howard there as well. But I was the only one invited.

Gassett’s office was large and had extra chairs. His desk chair was backed up to two windows on Federal Street, and on the opposite side of his desk were two chairs where visitors would sit. Strangely, Eliot Janeway sat beside Gassett, apparently having moved a visitor’s chair near him.

For the next twenty to thirty minutes Janeway spoke to us as a “close friend of LBJ of long standing” about the dangerous man called John F. Kennedy who occupied the presidency of the United States. He whispered his comments in what I have always referred to as a hiss. Janeway had not one good thing to say about JFK or his brother Robert, and strongly advised us to consider the great damage that they could and probably would do to the nation.

Following the assassination, when I saw many older officers, who were staunch Republicans, openly weep, I telephoned Gassett from my office and reminded him of Janeway’s earlier visit. Gassett said, “I don’t even want to think about it.”

Janeway is long dead; Bill Gassett died some years ago also, and I am 75 years old now. I have told this story as an anecdote from time to time over the years. If you care to pursue it, here are some details that might help toward authentication. Eaton & Howard is now known as Eaton & Vance, and is a much larger operation than it was in 1960-68 period when I was a portfolio manager there. But it was a factor in the Boston investment scene, with over 100 employees and with offices in New York City and San Francisco.

I fell that Janeway was on a tour encompassing more than Boston to spread his words as a messenger of LBJ among the investment community. I suspect that someone in another and perhaps larger investment firm that he had visited earlier in the day, may have telephoned Bill Gassett and advised him to have a witness in the room if Janeway appeared. I can’t prove that, but I am sure that Janeway would have booked meetings at such larger Boston firms of that time as Mass. Investors Trust (now Mass. Financial Services), Keystone, and probably The Old Colony Trust Co. (wholly-owned by the then First National Bank of Boston). Possibly Scudder, Stevens & Clark and Loomis, Sayles may also have received visits. In Boston in 1963 one would have no trouble visiting many investment firms in just one day.

It was obvious while Janeway spoke to us that he was more than just a friend and messenger of LBJ’s. He was virulent, he was evil, and I am sure he believed every word he spoke. There was no discussion of current economics in that meeting, nor were either Gassett or I allowed time to comment or question his statements. It was a prepared speech, and when it ended, Janeway left."


Note: On stationery bearing address, telephone, fax. Dated July 18, 1998

I have the copy handed me by the writer.

To clarify his position on LBJ, his ire was evident in recounting, “Brown & Root would show up every week for another check for a billion dollars.”

I have wondered what relation to a) EO 11110, and b) the American University speech had to Janeway’s circuit. And of course in Horne is stipulated the Dallas event was being typeset as of April 23, a date associated with Secret Service defiance of 1992 JFK Records Act responsibilities.


JFK Researcher Phil Dragoo on his friend Charles M. Putney (1922-2007) who was a witness to Eliot Janeway’s summer 1963 tour of the power investment houses as he hated on the Kennedys and extolled the virtues of having LBJ in the White House instead


Phil Dragoo email to Robert Morrow (4-20-16):


We met Charles M. Putney when he retired from the New York and Boston financial world and moved to Santa Fe in 1986. 

We knew him for the final decades of his life. 

He was a master of economic factors and missed no detail.

He had a house full of books and remained an active reader for the time we knew him.

He gave me a copy of his two-page letter to Robert Caro (1998) and it remains in my file.

He was born in 1922 and died November 22, 2007.



Eliot Janeway, in early December 1963, told his close friend Gordon Ferrie that



Wikipedia on Eliot Janeway, a very close advisor to Lyndon Johnson


Janeway was an informal adviser to Lyndon B. Johnson during Johnson's career in the United States House of Representatives and Senate. Janeway was among those who urged Johnson to run for the presidency in 1956 and was an active fundraiser for Johnson during the 1960 Democratic presidential primaries. After Johnson became president in November 1963, Janeway disagreed with him on many points of fiscal policy, and broke irrevocably with the president when Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam in 1965. Janeway's book, The Economics of Crisis, resulted from his break with Johnson.

Janeway's analysis and criticism of Johnson's handling of the Vietnam War was economic in nature and affected by Struggle for Survival, his early work on the history of the World War II mobilization. "I was not arguing against the war itself; that is not my field of expertise," he said in an interview. "I said that putting it on the back of the economy without raising taxes and instituting controls would bring on disaster."[


NYT Obituary for Eliot Janeway:



NYT 2-9-93:


Mr. Janeway's analysis and criticism of President Lyndon B. Johnson's handling of the Vietnam War was considerably more prescient. As an informal adviser during Mr. Johnson's career in the United States House of Representatives and the Senate, Mr. Janeway urged him to run for the presidency in 1956 and was an active fund-raiser for Mr. Johnson during the 1960 Democratic Presidential primary. Breakoke With JohnsonLBJ Over Vietnam

After Mr. Johnson became President in November 1963, Mr. Janeway disagreed with him on many points of fiscal policy, and broke irrevocably with the President when Mr. Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam in 1965.

"I was not arguing against the war itself; that is not my field of expertise," he once told an interviewer. "I said that putting it on the back of the economy without raising taxes and instituting controls would bring on disaster."